Top 5 Traits Of The Best Truck Accident Attorney San Antonio

Find the best Truck Accident Attorney San Antonio has to offer today. Have you been in a truck accident in San Antonio? Don’t despair – there’s plenty of options. Here are some factors to consider.

Truck related accidents in San Antonio are one of the major sources of equipment-related accidents in the Us mining industries. The accident patterns and trends have been identified as far back as 2000. Getting the best educated Truck Accident Attorney San Antonio has to offer is no joke because identified accident patterns may play a vital role in the prevention of severe injuries.

And how to choose the right attorney for your case

Commercial trucking is a big business nationwide – collisions involving these vehicles can cause devastating injuries.

Insurance claims arising from truck accidents can quickly grow complicated.

Legal complexities associated with truck accident cases
While every case is unique, accidents involving tractor-trailers are generally much more
complex than those involving two passenger cars.

• Multiple insurance companies may be involved. Tractor-trailers typically carry separate
insurance policies for the cab and the trailer.

• Specific laws and regulations apply to truck drivers. For example, truckers need to
follow federal hours of service (HOS) regulations that limit the number of hours they can
work. They are also considered legally impaired with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of
0.04, which is half the legal limit for other adult motorists.

• The trucking company has immediate access to critical evidence. Evidence such as the
truck’s “black box” navigational data and the hours of service log is legally the trucking
company’s property in most jurisdictions. Such evidence can play a vital role in
determining the outcome of a claim.

• Policy limits are higher, as are damages. Trucking companies generally carry large
liability policies to protect their substantial assets, much larger than the liability limits
carried by private motorists.

• Cases often cross state lines. Trucking is a national business, and it is quite common for
a truck registered and insured in another state, owned by a company in another state,
to be involved in a serious accident in Arkansas. In some cases, truck accidents even
cross international lines as the trucking company may be located in another country.
Because of these additional complexities, truck accident cases in general require a higher
degree of legal acumen and experience than car accident cases.

1. Top truck accident attorney San Antonio focus their practice on these cases

Top truck accident attorney understand how the insurance companies operate and know how to
navigate claims that involve multiple insurance carriers, large policies and complex rules and
regulations. They have established contacts with expert witnesses, such as medical consultants,
financial experts and accident reconstruction experts, who can help build strong cases. And
they know how to help their clients get the medical care they need in the wake of serious and
often life-altering injuries.

2. Top truck accident attorneys take action quickly

The best truck accident attorneys understand these rules and regulations and know how to take
immediate action, such as filing a lawsuit, to block the trucking company from destroying
critical evidence. In addition to the HOS log, this evidence may include video footage (which
could be erased or overwritten, sometimes within days) and the truck’s GPS data. Without
evidence, building a winning case on behalf of the injured person is an impossible task.

3. Top truck accident attorney in San Antonio conduct thorough investigations
In a car accident case, the question of liability for the crash usually comes down to the actions
taken by individual drivers. While those actions are certainly relevant in truck accidents as well,
often, liability for a truck accident also involves the question of whether the truck driver was
qualified to be behind the wheel in the first place.

Experienced truck accident attorney in San Antonio know that the key to a good recovery is often found in the trucking company’s hiring and supervision records.

4. Top truck accident attorney advocate for full compensation for their clients
Truck accidents often cause long-term disabling injuries—including traumatic brain injuries,
spinal cord injuries, knee injuries and back injuries. In each case, an important part of an
attorney’s job is to understand and advocate for compensation for the full cost of such an
injury. For example, traumatic brain injuries sustained in truck accidents may leave the injured
person in need of lifetime care and unable to work. Depending on the severity of the injury, the
lifetime cost of treatment for a traumatic brain injury can run between $85,000 and $3 million.

5. Top Truck Accident Attorneys San Antonio are trial attorney

While it’s true that most injury cases ultimately settle out of court, truck accident cases are
somewhat more likely to go to trial. Truck accidents are high-stakes, complex cases, and
because there are more potential points of contention between the plaintiff’s side and the
defense, the possibility of an irreconcilable conflict is likewise higher.

Many, if not most of the best truck accident attorney in San Antonio have litigation and trial experience on both
the defense and plaintiff’s side of injury cases. These attorney know the traits, habits and
tactics used by the other side, and they know how to counter them. They know how to prepare
cases for trial and have insider knowledge of every step in the process, from multiple


Other determinants of truck accidents to consider when hiring the best Truck Accident Attorney San Antonio has to offer are

* the effect railroad freight mileage has on truck accidents
* alcohol consumption
* the unemployment rate
* railroad activity

They were all found to have significant effects on truck accidents while deregulation of the trucking industry did not have a statistically significant adverse effect on these accidents.
Hiring Truck Accident Attorney San Antonio isn’t as simple as the google search. First consider all these factors in your case.